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Asset Funding

If you require lending that covers all major security asset classes including residential, commercial, industrial and rural property, Prequin Securities can help. Based in Perth, our asset funding services are designed to suit a wide range of borrowing requirements, ensuring more people have access to the money they need.

Asset funding to suit a wider range of borrowers

Our loans are designed to meet the needs of non-conforming borrowers. These are people who do not fit the lending criteria of Australia’s traditional financial institutions or who simply choose not to borrow from them. This may include business owners, the self-employed, property investors, borrowers wishing to consolidate debt and property developers.

The majority of our loans are:

  • For a fixed term – normally 3 months to 2 years;
  • On a fixed rate;
  • With repayments on an interest only basis; &
  • For business use (no code regulated lending).

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